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Car Loan Calculator Excel is used to calculate your monthly car payments. This is an all in one auto loan calculator that includes options for trade in, extra payments and a car loan amortization schedule that you can export to excel.

Car Payment Calculator

Vehicle Price
Down Payment
Loan Amount
Loan Terms
Interest Rate
Payment Frequency
Trade In Value
Sales Tax
Other Fees
First Payment Date

Amortization schedule
Include all fees into loan
Extra Payments
One Time
$ On Date
Monthly or Biweekly
$ Starting Date
$ Starting Date
$ Starting Date

How to use the Car Loan Calculator?

Following are the terms for the car loan calculator which explains how you to use calculator.

Vehicle Price - The price of the car that you want to buy.

Down Payment - How much are you putting down as initial payment for the purchase of the car.

Loan Amount - How much loan are you applying for to finance the car.

Loan Terms - The loan terms in years or months. 3 year and 5 year terms are common for auto loans.

Interst Rate - The interest rate that you will be paying for the loan. Usually, interest rates are lower for those who have good credit.

Payment Frequency - Monthly payment is the default option for car loans. However, you can use the bi-weekly payment option to see how much interest you can save and how much ealier you can payoff your car loan.

Trade In Value - If you have an old car that you can trade in, this is the field where you put in the trade in price of your old car.

Sales Tax - How much sales tax are you paying for the car.

Other Fees - Are there any other costs associate with the purchase of your car?

First Payment Date - You can put in any date as the first payment date, it can be a date from the past, present or future.

Amortization Schedule - Show the amortization schedule by year or month.

Extra Payments - Do you want to make extra payments on the car loan? There are four types of extra payments our car loan calculator support.

Car Loan Amortization Schedule Excel

The car loan amortization schedule excel shows all the detail of each payment, such as the payment date, payment #, interest, principal, total payment, and the remaining balance. You will see the payoff date, and total costs of all payments. You can save the car loan amortization schedule in excel for future reference.

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