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Auto Loan Calculator with Trade In, Tax and Extra Payments

Auto Loan Calculator with extra payments is a car payment calculator with trade in options that calculates your monthly loan payment quickly. The auto loan calculator with tax and extra payments has many options such as down payment and other expenses. The car loan calculator has a printable amortization schedule.

Car Loan Calculator

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Car Payment Calculator with Trade In

The car payment calculator with trade in allows you to see how much you have to finance when you trade in an old car. If you don't have a car to trade in, justThe leave the trade in field as $0, and the car payment calculator will calculate your monthly payment without trade in.

Car Loan Calculator with Tax

The car loan calculator with tax gives you the option to include sales tax into the loan amount. You can choose to include this auto loan tax into the loan or pay in advanced. You can also leave the tax as $0 if you do not want to include the sales tax in the auto loan calculator. The sales tax is a percentage of the vehicle price and the trade in value.

Car Loan Calculator with Extra Payments

The car loan calculator with extra payments gives you the option to calculate how much you can save by adding extra payments for your loan. The car loan calculator offers 4 extra payment options such as a one time payment, monthly payment, quarterly payment or yearly payment. The auto loan calculator includes another useful option, the down payment option. If your auto loan requires a down payment, you can easily calculate the loan amount after you put pay the down payment.

Auto Loan Amortization

The car loan calculator provides a summary of the loan including your principal, interest and the total monthly or biweekly payment depends on your payment frequency. You will also see your auto loan payoff date and the total interest, and principal that you will pay at the end of the loan term. You will get a printable auto loan amortization with extra payments that shows a monthly amortization schedule or biweekly amortization schedule table with details of each payment. You will also get a auto loan comparison table that compares the monthly and biweekly payment options so you can see how much you can saving with the biweekly auto loan payment option.

Car Loan Payoff Calculator

If you can afford to payoff your auto loan early, you can end up saving a lot in interest. Try the Auto Loan Payoff Calculator to see how much you can save.

Auto Loan Calculator App

The car payment calculator is available for free download on the Play Store. If you have an Android device, you can have the car payment calculator in your pocket. The app is one of the best auto loan calculator with trade in, tax, extra payments and down payment options.

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